First Nations Tech & Startup Jobs is a job board for Indigenous people focused on technology and startups jobs near you. Indigenous people are often underemployed, or unemployment is higher than in the general population. This job board provides a platform for Indigenous people to get and create jobs in technology and startups.

Who can post a job?

  • First Nations organisations (startups, businesses, land council's, tribal groups, etc.) around the world.
  • Barayamal Funding Partners.

Must post a job for your own business or another First Nations organisation...


Free - any donations or in-kind support is appreciated so we can continue to do awesome stuff and take our projects to the next level.


At Barayamal, we believe that First Nations Entrepreneurship can change the world for the better.

Closing the Gap target for employment

Between the 2006 Census and 2016 Census (Australia), Indigenous employment rates for those aged 15–64 decreased slightly, from 48% to 46.6%. In comparison, the non-Indigenous employment rate remained stable at around 72%.

Identified Positions

Identified positions are positions where an employer may identify that a position is to be filled only by a person with a particular attribute which helps people who experience disadvantage to access equal opportunity in employment.

Identified positions also benefit employers by allowing them to hire a person with particular experiences and expertise, such as cultural knowledge.

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